City maps and hand claps

So I was listening to Feist's "Mushaboom" the other day, and I realized it has nearly no percussion in it. Aside from the hand claps. This is great for when she is touring solo and all she has is the (sometimes completely unmusical) audience to assist her. That and a guitar and her playback recorder. But the claps work. They're straightforward and happy and all she really needs to keep the beat going. So it got me thinking about the innocent air lent to a song by hand claps. All this going through my head as I was going through my iPod on my errands. Anytime I ran across a song with clapping in it, it went into the on-the-go playlist. First time I've ever used this feature, but I must say I appreciate the appropriate terminology. Anyhow, here is what the playlist looks like so far:

Feist "Mushaboom"
the Kinks "Everybody's Gonna Be Happy"
Belle and Sebastian "Boy with the Arab Strap"
Radiohead "We Suck Young Blood"
the Cure "Close to Me"
Rogue Wave "Kicking the Heart Out"

Incidentally, the title "city maps and hand claps" is a lyric in Wilco's "Kingpin," which does not have any actual clapping in it. Odd, no?


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