Happiness is a warm rain

The first time I ever lived in DC I was 19, and I tried so very hard to be grown-up. Balanced my checkbook every month, always did my homework, made sure my guy friends ate their veggies, and I brought an umbrella with me to work every day because you just never know. Now I test my weather-prediction powers, sometimes riding the bus, 'brelly in tow, sometimes pressing my luck with the bike. Today Mother Nature won with an 8 o'clock storm.

First thunder rumbled when I stepped outside; first tiny droplets fell as I bade my friend farewell at the metro entrance; first umbrellas went pop! while I was crossing the circle. Then I rode home in the rain. And it was lovely. I'm sure that a dry seat and short ride helped. My shoes were just starting to get squishy as I rolled up to my house, and that would not have done for much longer.

But really - warm water on your face, whisked away as quickly as it comes, is a pleasant feeling. The sound of rainfall is soothing, too. And everybody needs some unexpected playtime.


At 1/7/05 13:15, Blogger IA said...

know what else is hot and wet and feels great on your face?

those towels in Japanese restaurants.

and semen.

At 5/7/05 08:04, Blogger KT said...

yes, where i come from we have finger bowls with warm water, scented with lemon or rose. also feels great.

but you'll have to tell me where you've experienced the hot wet cum in your face, you've piqued my curiosity.


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