Holy technology, Batman!

In the past two days, I have acquired three of the electronic trappings of the 21st century - a camera phone, a gmail account and a blog. Already had the iPod. The phone is too fancy for me, though, I want my simple, sleek, first phone again.

[UPDATE: Tuesday, noon, Austin time, I should elaborate that digital cameras for me take away all the elegance and significance in a photograph. Moreover, they reduce the marginal cost of taking a photograph effectively to zero. The result is obnoxious people have no barrier to clogging public spaces with the fifty-millionth posed picture of the evening. Moreover, I see very little reason to house this technology in a telephone. It's a phone. For communicating, you know?

However, I now have two photographs of friends attached to their pictures. One of them just called, and her face popped up. Neat!]


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