I must have some crazy built-in internal clock. My flight this morning was at 6:05am. Having fallen asleep while "taking a rest" from folding clothes/packing, I woke up at precisely 3:48. Hadn't put a thing in suitcase yet. Somehow managed to remember laptop, iPod, phone, and three battery charging cables. And three books to balance out my digital dependence. In fact, the only things I think I've forgotten so far are a swimsuit and a hostess gift. The latter can be remedied here, the former is clearly optional.

Was out my door by 4:25, in my car five minutes later, and at the airport at 5:15. Thankfully the drive to the parking lot and subsequent shuttle to the airport do not take the hour and a half I originally thought. I was sitting in my seat by 5:50, I think.

That seems so early, given the eternity I spent at the red light after I pulled a U-wie, having passed the parking lot, the second eternity the person two in front of me took through the security line, and the third eternity it took for them to run my belongings through the X-ray machine twice.


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