So I've finally done it.

You must understand that I've been talking about creating my own blog for over a year. I read loads of them - mp3 blogs, running blogs, news'n'politics blogs, personal blogs of my friends. I comment sporadically, but mostly I just lurk. I'm an internet voyeur but a harmless one. I like the candid and sometimes quite intimate expression promoted by the medium. I also like the well-crafted, thoughtful posts about the world around the writer. Really, let's be honest, I like procrastinating at work.

At some point I wanted to join the blogosphere. Then I was met with a series of computer-related misfortunes. Even when I had a functioning computer with internet access, there was always a reason to put it off.

Tonight I decided to stop putting it off, although circumstances were stacked against me. Not arriving home until around 9, I then had two phone conversations and jumped my roommate's car three times. (!!!) But the thing that might actually have ground blog-making to a halt was the prompt for a blog name and url. Thank heavens for iTunes. Just when I was about to give up, it turned to the lovely song "Mushaboom" by the equally lovely Feist. Name comes courtesy of her lyrics, which I believe I had never fully processed until that moment. Look 'er up. Or wait, I can give you a link - ha! blogs are great.

Feist's official website

I think that's an appropriate way to end my first post. Thanks, Feist.


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