ATTENTION: We interrupt this program to bring you a public service request.

The best sports bra ever has been discontinued. Original reports from my favorite local running store have been confirmed by the maker's website. Despite its unassuming looks, this article is one of the essential, nay, the only essential, piece of running equipment. The model in question got me through a long and grueling race last fall, and I had every intention of relying on it in the future. I purchased the very last one in stock at aforementioned running store and am currently scouring assorted auction sites. Should you happen upon one, buy it immediately. I will repay you twice over in cash, gold dubloons, and x's-n-o's.

patagonia capilene body women's sports top
RN: 51884 style: 21370SP cut: 21163

And now we return you to our previously scheduled program.

[UPDATE: Monday 2:47pm, Kevin from Patagonia's customer service replied to my frantic plea for help with a telephone number. I just ordered two, and they were half-price! My consumer surplus is out the wazoo].

Now back to our previously scheduled program.


At 18/7/05 15:44, Blogger grammar lammer said...

yeowch. i get sports-bra sticker shock. which is why i haven't bought a new one in ten years. probably bad. but these are not pieces of technology, and they shouldn't cost more than a toaster. unless there is a movement to rename them 'boobie toasters,' and i can fucking make brunch while i run.

At 18/7/05 18:04, Blogger KT said...

haha great image of square-boobed L truckin' down the street swatting at bread flying everywhere.

but ok, my sticker shock led me to ration out these purchases to one a year (= <$1/wk) and deal in the meantime by buying three from tj maxx each at 1/3 the price. beloved patagonia is worth ten of those, tho', maybe there is some r&d involved. and it's gonna last longer than a year. except for now it's discontinued. so fuck sticker shock.

At 6/8/06 03:59, Blogger Erik Mann said...

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