You know what they say about great minds...

So the guys over at Crazy Talk! also recently blogged about Nick Drake. This is a really good music blog in general, many of whose writers are connected to the college I went to. The post I pointed you to in particular shows how Drake's influence has been on the rise on the past ten years. First from a personal perspective:

But as with all artists' artists, Nick Drake is generally not discovered till much later, after you have sifted through the Bob Dylan, flew past the Neil Young, and graduated from Nina Simone. I remember when I discovered him, just post college, in the haze one gets lost in transitioning from having an established goal, to now trying to make something with it.
And then in the discussion of an annual Nick Drake tribute show sponsored by Playing in Fog. I wish he had known such things would come to be.

Two more songs up on the gmail account now.


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