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Caught the New Pornographers* tonight at the 9:30 club. Fun show. Full disclosure: when I first heard the New Pornographers, I didn't get it. It was wall of sound done the indie rock way, but to me it just sounded like music that turned on and off like a light switch. One dynamic level, a climax lasting for an entire song, it asked too much of me. However, I really like the new album Twin Cinema. I think they're pushing their sugary kitschy pop into more complexity without losing any of the fun. So when my friend Elise said she luuuu-uvs them and wanted to see the show, sounded like a good idea. Especially because Destroyer was opening and also because I have always wanted to know what it feels like to be in a room with Neko Case.

Destroyer was good. Unfortunate that a lot of people had never heard of him, and literate lyrics don't necessarily register when you hear them for the first time out of large speakers in a club. Especially if these people were here for the poppiest of the pop, they weren't expecting to have to think for their enjoyment.

The New P's were pretty awesome. They're exactly the kind of band you should see on a Saturday night when you want to cut loose, toss your hair, and shake your hips. I refuse to understand people who go to jam sessions where they close their eyes and sway. Or stand stock still. This was not that kind of concert. Roommate Ellen and her younger sister were also in attendance. Ellen was disappointed they did not sound different than the record. But...I dunno. I guess I think that the record has enough happy accidents on it that just being able to replicate it is kind of impressive. And if they added a whole bunch of guitar solos or complicated drum beats, would it be as much fun to dance to?

*Dude, what's up with that name? Your mama don't approve of racy nonsense. Funny, it's actually because some televangelist, Jimmy Stewart, doesn't approve of any music whatsoever (not even Christian music). Newman claims "it was just two words I liked the sound of together," and then when he discovered Swaggart had written a book called Music: The New Pornography, thought it was too perfect to pass up.


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