No such thing as a free...paper?

So when you pay thirty-five cents to get a newspaper out of a box, what is keeping you from takin all the papers sitting there? More importantly, what do newspaper publishers count on preventing you from stealing their revenue-makers? Does a newspaper have such a steeply diminishing marginal utility that two are just not worth it? Is the cost of carrying around so much paper not worth it? (but there's arbitrage, you could resell). Or are they banking on the goodness of the hearts of the upper-middle class professionals who mostly buy papers? Hmm.


At 30/11/05 06:35, Blogger Sabrina_C said...

one time, and all my stories start out like this, but one time i took all the newspapers. i was of course drunk--and where there is sabrina drinking, there is sabrina stealing. i wish i could tell you what i did with them, but i don't remember.

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