The place

I live in a two bedroom flat on the third floor of a cute little house. The neighborhood surrounding is all turrets and delicate trim, double-decker porches and gingerbread. As you enter my place, you ascend hardwood stairs between walls covered in yellow satin fleur-de-lys wallpaper. Seriously, it's cloth.

Unlock the door, then there's another three-quarters of a flight, which opens immediately into the common area. Just one big room, probably 15'x22', with part of the 22 serving as a walkway into the kitchen, also large. The third floor is the top, and there is no attic, so my room is in the side gable, my roommate's is in the front. There is no range hood above the stove because the walls slope in too much. It's really pretty darling, feels something like a rec room or a tree house. Nice woodworking detail around each door and window - oh and the windows open with an old-school sash! Amazing.


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