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I meant to say yesterday, before I got sidetracked into a humanist critique of economists' narrowsightedness, that even though it was May 1, I still got the Poem-A-Day poets.org started in April for National Poetry Month. (Go check it out and read yesterday's.) Though I didn't fall in love with all of them, I thought it was a useful exercise to spend some amount of time every day reading a poem. I can say that some days it was difficult. But if not before, I took a moment or two to flip to the flagged message right at my bedtime.

Can I hope they will continue sending the poems past April?


At 2/5/06 16:42, Blogger Sarah said...

Well, I hadn't checked the poem-a-day site until today, but I'm glad I did! I have to commend their taste for April 19th. Terrance Hayes is a faculty member at Carnegie Mellon. I took Beginning Poetry Workshop with him. Who knew he was so *famous*?


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