Secretaries aren’t just racy in the movie

Yesterday my coworker was working from home, boss out of town, so I ended up eating in the conference area with the receptionists. Well-maintained women with smooth bobs, country club tans, and tasteful wedding rings who knit back before it was hip to be square. Conversation shifted from how much kids divulge of their relationships to the Kentucky Derby and then to what happens to a horse after the race. -Why, he gets put out to stud, of course. –Did you know they don’t get to do it naturally? -How does it work, then? -Just as it would for a human. –Well, how do you get the, you know, the stuff?

Horse porn, people. These sweet-looking ladies were laughing riotously over their imagined horse porn at the lunch table. I got a good second chuckle from my out-of-body experience looking down at the situation. Here’s the punchline:

-I don’t mean to embarrass anyone by saying this, but you know, they’re big. That part of the anatomy is big.
-Well, there is that saying.

Indeed there is.


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