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So I don't know if it's because I've had to watch politically relevant clips lately, my personal computer is so much better at handling streaming than my computer at my former job, or the phenomenon as a whole is taking off, but I am no longer afraid of YouTube. Couldn't tell you whether or why I ever was. My friend Lamar does this for a living, at least in the summer. Anyhow, three that I wanted to point you to below.

Anti-Suicide Bombing PSA

This announcement could be as much directed toward Americans who believe terrorism is always in line with Islam's teachings as Muslims who hold that belief. (via this column, on which Lamar is the awesome intern, thx Chris for the translation)

Claymation for "She Sends Kisses" by the Wrens

On its own, the song is so poignant, with its open minor intervals in the synth reaching up, the anthemic chorus arching over, and the faraway back-up vocal almost rubbed out by distortion. And then this sweet, fragile visual representation...it almost breaks your heart. For anyone who's ever tried to manage long distance, gone back and forth on what to do, grown up. Highly recommended. (via wrens' blog)

Samuel L. Jackson on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart

"Did you have any idea what you were about to unleash on the American public?

p.s. I've been collecting these for a little while, so if you've already seen one, you are so hip. Mea culpa for attempting to be your friend.

p.p.s. Don't watch lonelygirl15, I'm not even going to link to her. It's worse than a fake, it's a hackneyed story vying for MTV airing with overly self-conscious writing and piss-poor acting. Gohepcat, despite his excellent taste in concert art, seems to be in on it.

p.p.p.s. Do watch "Where the Hell is Matt?" He's been linked to so many times I can't even offer proper acknowledgement.


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