Beer reviews

We recently received some sample beers from a family friend, things he tried and wanted to pass on. Here are our reviews, for the reading and future sampling enjoyment of you connoisseurs.

Great Lakes Christmas Ale
Reddish in color, light in body, spicy in flavor. I guess it was Christmasy?

Backwoods Bastard
Beautiful amber color. Tasted of vanilla and bourbon and other wonderful things. Pretty sweet and malty. I think this was the one aged in the oak barrels previously used to distill bourbon, but don’t hold me to that. One of our favorite beers is Innis & Gunn, definitely uses the bourbon barrels, and it’s awesome.

Skull Splitter

Very smoky. That was the first word out of our mouths. Also a little bit of dried fruit in the undetones, but really overpoweringly smelled of wood burning. Not my kind of beer, really.

Also, ahahahahahahaha.


At 16/5/08 13:43, Blogger JamesWhittingham said...

dude...skull splitter? as in the beer with the crazy viking on the bottle? it was ranked #100 out of all 100 beers we had to put away at the Ram's Head to become members of the World Beer Club. A truly disastrous brew, I think it called itself an Orkney Ale or something, I've avoided anything similar for years since.

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